Tuesday, May 5, 2009

State College, PA Orchid Show

This last weekend was spent in State College, PA to attend their local orchid show, for which our society contributed a display. Their season is about three weeks behind ours, as can be seen by the trees and shrubs coming out of winter dormancy that have since completed their blooms in our neighborhood. Similarly, many orchids for us that have recently finished blooming or whose flowers are in decline are now reaching their peak for our PA neighbors.

There were some nice Cattleyas in the show, such as Laeliocattleya Park Ridge and Cattleya forbesii. The C. forbesii was screened for AOS judging, but previous cultural awards have set the bar quite high.

Cymbidiums were also represented.
Leprechaun 'Goblin', HCC/AOS


atropurpureum (?)
This plant was labelled as canaliculatum, which it is clearly not. Remembering photos from Kobsukh's and DuPuy and Cribb's books, I think it is atropurpureum. It has a nice coconut-type fragrance. It appears that the grower was first presented with this plant as Cym. dayanum, so it has a history of being mis-labeled. Despite this, the plant was pulled for AOS judging against previously awarded atropurpureum, and received an AM/AOS award--pending taxonomic identification-- because the flowers measured larger in size than the previously awarded Cym. atropurpureum.