Saturday, October 23, 2010

Susquehana Orchid Show, Lancaster, PA

The Susquehana Orchid Society held their orchid show this weekend. It was a compact show with 14 individual, society and commercial exhibits, hosted by Stauffer's Garden Center. There was a wonderful diversity of orchid genera on display with well grown plants and flowers.

society exhibit

exhibit #4, society

Fishing Creek Orchids exhibit

exhibit #8

Woodstream Orchids exhibit

Cycnoches Jean E. Monnier (barthiorum x cooperi), exhibited by Orchid Enterprise

Cycnoches barthiorum

Cycnodes Jumbo Micky 'Jumbo Fifi' (Cycnoches Jumbo Dragon x Mormodes badia)

Holcoglossum kimballianum

Dendrobium victoria-reginae, exhibited by Fishing Creek Orchids

Pleurothallis strupifolia

Robequettia cerina, exhibited by Maryland Orchid Society

Cattleya maxima, exhibited by Fishing Creek Orchids

Cattlianthe Porcia 'Cannizaro', FCC/AOS (Cattleya Armstrongiae x Guarianthe bowringiana)

Rlc. Lyn Evans (Rlc. George King x Rlc. Goldenzelle)

Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 NCOS Show/Sale

We've just completed our annual society's Show and Sale, and I'm a little tired after staffing the show for five days and helping take down the sales tent and exhibits this afternoon.

I await the news for today's gross sales, but it appears that Friday-Sunday sales were commensurate with last year's sales, which is actually good news given the state of the economy. This weekend's weather has been nearly perfect, and perhaps would have benefited only with a periodic, light breeze.

This year's venue was in the U.S. National Arboretum's Bonsai House. This is because there is construction beginning in the administration building which houses the space where the show has previously been held. However, the Bonsai House and Pavilion are treasured for their natural lighting. Many of the public explicitly commented to us and the USNA staff that they find this year's exhibit area far superior to the historical, auditorium location. No surprise really, but it helps us lobby the USNA admin to keep us there for future exhibitions.

So, let's start with a sample of the exhibits. Later, we'll move to specific flowers that caught my eye. The island exhibits posed a design challenge for some of our vendors.

The pavilion exhibit space posed another challenge for our vendors and sister orchid societies. It is U-shaped: bending around to the right of the first picture, and then bending once more. Not all maximized use of the vertical space, leaving the floor and/or ceiling areas vacant. I'm hopeful that next year's show will be better now that the exhibitors know the spatial context of their exhibits.

OK, here are some individual orchid pics.
Chen's Ruby 'Golden Tiger', AM/AOS, exhibited by Arbec Orchids

Cym. Kusuda Shining 'Geyserland', HCC/AOS, exhibited by Arbec Orchids. Yes, it's at an odd angle, but the plant was placed high in the display.

Catt. Sophia Martin 'Spots'

Catt. Geri Male 'Fishing Creek', exhibited by Fishing Creek

Renanthera Barney 'Randy', exhibited by Owens Orchids

Rnths. Kathy Burks, exhibited by Owens Orchids

Cyc. William Clark, exhibited by Seagrove Orchids. The buds were closed during AOS judging, but opened up a few days later.

Cyc. cooperi, exhibited by Maryland Orchid Society.

(Cyc. pentadactylon 'Jumbo Best' x Morm. sinuata 'Fireball'): nicely fragrant, almost candy-like, and awarded an AM/AOS at the show.