Friday, February 24, 2012

Pacific Orchid Exposition

This weekend is San Francisco Orchid Society's annual Pacific Orchid Exposition. The theme of this year's show is "A Salute to the Golden Gate".

Yesterday was a full day of judging, after which, I went and took pics. The opening night Gala was nice evening of wine tasting/competition, tasty hors d'oeuvres, socializing, and shopping (if so inclined).

A visiting society's exhibit.

Golden Gate Cymbidium Society (?) exhibit

Cym. Eaglewood 'Mem. Takaki'; received AD/CSA, JC/AOS

Cym. Violet King 'Tygr Jade'

Cym. Kirby Lesh 'Cinnabar'

The following are two siblings of Cym. (South Street x Pepperpuss). These are BIG plants.


Cym. Ruby Doll 'Geyserland'

The following are four siblings of Cym. (Pepperpuss x Memoria Amelia Earhart 'Scott Valine'):
#1; I like the color patterns on this one.

#2, received an HCC/AOS



Cym. Yoko Takai (Red Beauty x Hazel Faye) 'Rebecca'

Cym. Dotz (Arts x Splatters)

The label says Cym. (Doris Spectrum x (tracyanum x devonianum)). Doris Spectrum is presently unregistered, so I'm wondering if the label was mis-printed. Perhaps the exhibitor meant Doris Spectrum (Doris x Devon Spectrum). Devon Spectrum is (tracyanum x devonianum). Anyways, this flower shows strong tracyanum influence.

Cym. Pywacket 'Stirling'

Cym. Pywacket 'Red Panther'

Cym. Vampirella

Don't often see this: Eriopsis biloba

Don't often see this: Cleisocentron merrillianum. A true blue orchid.

Renanthera matutina

Don't often see this: Rossioglossum Rawdon Jester.

Cattleya (Psyche x esalqueana); received an AM/AOS

Paph. (Mystic Knight x Ice Castle); received a B/CSA award.

Best Paph/Phrag shown by a Novice Exhibitor: Cyp. formosanum