Sunday, April 19, 2009

April NCOS Show table

Today's speaker was Allen Black, visiting from the Virginia Orchid Society in Richmond, Va. He discussed orchid hybridizing for the orchid hobbyist/enthusiast perspective, how to pollinate orchids, setting up a flasking/re-plating system in the home, and growing the seedlings to their first-blooms. Below is an example of his work, Lycaste About Time. See also

We had a nice turnout of member's plants, examples shown below.
Phal. Brother Supersonic, exhibited by Bob Smith

Cymbidium Little Black Sambo 'Black Magic', AM/AOS, exhibited by Joe Francis

We had three varietals of Cattleya skinneri today. Tina Wood exhibited 'Casa Luna', AM/AOS, and var. alba 'Debbie', FCC/AOS, both shown below. Bonnie Cobos exhibited var. coerulea; however, I did not have the opportunity to photograph the flowers. It was a nice opportunity to compare the color-forms.