Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NCOS Fall Show 2009, part 3

Below are pics of individual flowers from the show that captured my attention.

Cym. Kusuda Beauty (Kusuda Shining x Red Beauty), exhibited by Carter and Holmes

Cym. Solar Flare (insigne x dayanum), exhibitor unknown

Sophronitis (formerly Laelia) perrinii, exhibited by Carter and Holmes

Guarianthe (formerly Cattleya) bowringiana 'Augusta', AM/AOS, exhibited by Carter and Holmes

Lc. C.G. Roebling 'Sentinel', exhibited by Carter and Holmes

Paph. Sander's Pride, exhibitor unknown

Cycnoches Jean E. Monnier, exhibited by Chryss Mavrides

I'm still experimenting with a few Cattleya Alliance hybrids, so anymore of this section will have to wait until I can reliably bloom the few that I have. Instead, I may try a couple hybrids or species of the Cycnoches Alliance for 2010. Their deciduous nature and winter rest period is attractive for one who must bring orchids indoors to overwinter.

NCOS Fall Show 2009, part 2

Below are pics of some of the horticultural exhibits from the Fall Show and Sale.

Individual exhibit by Gene Schurg and Jeff Johnson

Vendor exhibit

Vendor exhibit

Vendor exhibit

Individual plant displays by NCOS members

Flower arrangement in the design of National Capitol O.S. logo, exhibited by Martha Knight

NCOS Fall Show 2009, part 1

The National Capitol Orchid Society hosted its annual Show and Sale during the Columbus Day weekend in October at the U.S. National Arboretum. This year, the show comprised ten commercial vendors and ten orchid societies. There were fewer vendors than last year because of a new vendor supplying a smaller tent.

Members of the Lord Fairfax O.S. setting up their exhibit.

Members of National Capitol O.S. setting up the Sales Tent.

Horticultural exhibits were judged by the American Orchid Society.

Public attendance through the sales tent ebbed and flowed all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

In addition to the orchid plant sales tent, the show also featured three artists: one emphasizing paint media, one emphasizing textile media, and one emphasizing ceramic media.