Sunday, January 27, 2013

Peninsula Orchid Society Show

This weekend was my first time attending the enjoyable Peninsula Orchid Society's Show. The showroom perimeter was full with vendor, society and individual exhibits, of which only two exhibits are shown below, while the center tables were filled with individual society member's orchids.

Exhibit by Peninsula Orchid Society members, I believe.

Cymbidium Green Sour (Katydid x Lunagrad) specimen plant, exhibit upper right, which received several show ribbons and trophies, as well as an AOS award.

Cym. Vallambrosa (Doris x tracyanum) 'Stirling', exhibit upper left.

Cymbidium Cranberry Velvet (Nancy Hatsuko Ikeda x Ruby Eyes) 'Gidget', exhibit lower center

Cymbidium Betty Court (Canterbury x devonianum) 'Gloria Bygdnes', exhibit lower left

Exhibit by Weegie Caughlan

Hazel Faye 'Cinnabar', HCC/AOS, exhibit upper right

Kirby Lesh 'Cinnabar' S/CSA, AM/AOS, exhibit upper left

Peter Dawson 'Grenadier' (Lunagrad x Solana Beach) G/CSA, AM/AOS, FCC/NZOS, exhibit upper center

Strathdon 'Cooksbridge Fantasy' B/CSA, AM/AOS, exhibit lower left

Below are three beautiful examples of orchids exhibited by Tom Perlite of Golden Gate Orchids. The Masdevalias are siblings of O'Brien's Passion: 'Ablaze' in red was awarded an AM/AOS, and 'Golden Sunset' in orange. I'm mighty tempted to buy one of these....

Here is the wonderful Oda. (Fort Point x Picotee). Wow-factor, indeed! 
Can you imagine how stunning a Cymbidium with such a bold and colorful picotee would be?

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